Our web site is currently undergoing a refresh, but there is still material here for you to check out.

A new online sighting form will soon be available, including maps of previous sightings.


Thumbnail image of bigfish whale shark poster         Thumbnail image of bigfish manta ray poster


Thumbnail image of bigfish basking shark poster        Thumbnail image of bigfish white pointer poster

What the?

The aim of bigfish is to record local sightings of whale sharks, basking sharks, white pointers (great white sharks) and mobulid rays (devil and manta).

Over time, we should be able to find out where these animals spend most of their time in New Zealand, where they come from, whether the same animals are visiting each year, and when we can find some moolah, hopefully we can get some satellite tags and find out where they’re going to when they leave New Zealand waters. more >>

We’ll also happily accept donations to bigfish, which will of course, only be spent on bigfish activities.


How the? 
If you are lucky enough to see one of these amazing animals, could you please fill in a sighting form, and send it to bigfish, by downloading the sighting form, and snail-mailing it to us (we’ll have an online form available soon). All sightings are valuable. more >>


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